Funded Programs

Our small class sizes provide students and staff alike with the ideal atmosphere to create an interactive and cooperative learning environment.


Maple Leaf Academy has an agreement with Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada to provide English instruction for newcomers (permanent residents and refugees) to Calgary.  This program is ineligible to receive students on study permit.

LINC Program:
Language Instruction for Newcomers to Canada

Funded by Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada.
The LINC program provides free English instruction to qualifying applicants.

You qualify for the LINC program if you:

• are a permanent resident or have refugee status
• are not a Canadian citizen
• have an English language assessment within the LINC level

To register for LINC instruction:
  1. Phone the Calgary Language Assessment & Referral Centre -CLARC- (403‑262‑2656) and make an appointment for a language assessment test.
  2. Meet with a counsellor at CLARC to learn about language training opportunities.
  3. Visit Maple Leaf Academy

•  Bring your Permanent Resident Card or Landing Papers
•  Your Language Assessment from CLARC or 
•  Your recent LINC Certificate


This program is not Designated and is ineligible to receive foreign nationals on a study permit.

Silver Club

WHO: Seniors 55 years and older.

WHAT IS SILVER CLUB?: Silver Club is an informal English learning class focusing on socializing while learning English.

Topics are based on the group's interests. 

WHEN ARE THE CLASSES?: Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays from 9:00 am-11:00 am every week.

Students may choose to attend only during the weekdays or only on Saturdays or both.

WHERE ARE THE CLASSES?: Online until COVID-19 restrictions are lifted.

After return to regular face-to-face classes, these will be held at Maple Leaf Academy downtown.

You must have a computer or laptop or tablet or smartphone to use during class time, and someone in your family who can help you get started. 

We will give you instructions on how to join on Zoom or by telephone.

HOW DO I REGISTER?: Call us at 403-262-8851 and tell us that you would like to join the Silver Club. Please leave your phone number and email and they will send a registration form to your email.

Please fill it out and email it back to the school at