Corporate ESL

The goal of our Corporate ESL programs is to assist customers in improving the English communication skills of their foreign-trained employees.

Maple Leaf Academy works closely with employers and participants to achieve the following results:

• Participants will improve their writing and grammar skills, with an immediate effect on job performance in written communication (e.g. e-mails, faxes, business letters and reports).
• Participants will improve their confidence and fluency when using English in formal and informal situations (e.g. presentations, meetings, networking events).
• Participants will learn how to actively listen. They will learn to read and use body language for better understanding and getting the message across.

Maple Leaf Academy offers instruction in two communication strands - Writing and Conversation, - from basic English to advanced level language skills.

  1. Writing Communication Programs:
    1. Grammar - correcting common grammar errors
    2. Strategies for effective writing:
      1. E-mails
      2. memos
      3. business letters
      4. business reports and proposals
    3. Working on Style:
      1. appropriate word usage
      2. putting ideas together
      3. clarity and precision
  2. Conversation and Non-Verbal Communication Programs:
    1. Listening:
      1. listening for the main idea
      2. listening for specific information
      3. getting the 'gist' of a message
      4. listening 'between the lines' - intonation, mood etc.
    2. Speaking:
      1. business idioms
      2. vocabulary
      3. making presentations
      4. making suggestions
      5. negotiating
      6. telephoning
    3. Pronunciation (accent reduction):
      1. computer assisted learning to improve clarity in speaking English

Our Corporate ESL Program is customer specific and can be modified according to the needs of your company.