Corporate ESL

The goal of our Corporate ESL programs is to assist customers in improving the English communication skills of their foreign-trained employees.

Maple Leaf Academy offers a unique and specialized Corporate ESL Program that works closely with employers and participants to achieve desired results, while also teaching Canadian culture and business. Through our program, clients acquire the skills necessary to be successful in the business world.

Our program will help students: communicate more precisely, write effectively and efficiently, and improve confidence and communication.

  1. Communication:
    • Presentation, meeting and network skills
    • Negotiating
    • Small talk
    • Listening for specific information as well as for main ideas
    • Confidence, fluency, eye contact and body language
    • Computer assisted learning to improve clarity in speaking (pronunciation)
  2. Reading:
    • Comprehension
    • Fluency
  3. Writing:
    • ​​Grammar
    • Different genres of writing (email, memo, business letters, drafts, reports, proposals and taking notes)
    • Clarity and precision


Our Corporate ESL Program is customer specific and can be tailored to meet the needs of your company and its employees. The progam can be offered at our site or at a location of your choice. For more information, please contact us at 403-262-8851 to speak with our Program Manager to arrange details or come visit us located in Downtown Calgary: #200, 731 - 6th Avenue SW.



This program is not Designated and is ineligible to receive foreign nationals on a study permit.

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