Conflict Resolution

Dispute Resolution and Appeal Process

The purpose of this conflict resolution process is to ensure that conflicts among students, staff, or between students and staff are resolved in a fair, consistent, and efficient manner. The process is designed to promote open communication, understanding, and resolution, while fostering a positive learning environment.


This process applies to all students, teachers, administrative staff, and support staff at Maple Leaf Academy regarding both academic and non-academic decisions.

The student has the right to continue in classes throughout the appeals process unless directed otherwise by the Academy’s administration.


Process Steps

  1. Identify the Conflict

    • The first step is to recognize and acknowledge the conflict. It could be a disagreement, misunderstanding, or other issue causing tension or discomfort among individuals or groups within the school.

  2. Attempt Informal Resolution

    • We encourage the parties involved to discuss the issue openly and attempt to resolve it among themselves. This can be done through a private conversation in a neutral setting. The goal is to clarify any misunderstandings and reach a mutually acceptable solution.

    • If needed, a teacher or member of our program support team, may act as a mediator to facilitate the conversation.

  3. Seek Mediation

    • If informal resolution is not successful, the affected party may file a formal complaint with management and administration. The complaint should be in writing using the form button below.

  4. Investigation

    • Management and Administration will initiate an investigation into the formal complaint.

    • This process may involve interviewing the parties involved, and gathering relevant information.

  5. Resolution and Follow-up

    • Based on the investigation, management and administration will propose a resolution to the conflict. This could include disciplinary action, policy changes, or other corrective measures.

    • The resolution will be communicated to all parties involved, and efforts will be made to ensure that it is implemented effectively.

  6. Appeals

    • If any party is unsatisfied with the outcome of the resolution, they may appeal to Languages Canada at Select “Contact Us” and complete the e-mail form, or telephone 1-604-574-1532.

Confidentiality and Privacy

  • Throughout the conflict resolution process, the confidentiality and privacy of all parties will be respected.

  • Information about the conflict will only be shared with those who need to know for resolution purposes.

The Incident Report Form is avaible in both PDF or Word format. The form is also available at the reception desk.