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English is your Future

English Language services from qualified instructors who understand your needs.

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Maple Leaf Academy is the Key

English Language services from qualified instructors who understand your needs.

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 Why us?

Established in 1991, Maple Leaf Academy (MLA) has become highly recognized for its innovative approaches to language instruction.

Our school is unique in the Calgary area because students receive specialized instruction by different teachers in the same class. Our teachers are accredited and highly experienced English instructors verified by Languages Canada. Teachers and members of our staff are all devoted to assisting students to achieve marked improvement.

International ESL

The International ESL program is designed to assist students to improve their language skills from beginner to advanced English skills. The program includes opportunities for on-site activities, cultural experiences, and interaction with a diverse peer group.

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Intermediate to Advanced

This ESL program is speci#cally designed for Canadian Citzens, Permanent Residents & Immigrants. Our low cost program helps Newcomers to Canada improve their English beyond LINC. Class levels are equivalent to CLB 5, 6, & 7.

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IELTS Preparation

Our International English Language Testing System preparation program is designed to assist students prepare for the IELTS™ test in both academic and general training forms. The test is recognized for study, work, and migration in Canada.

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Customized Corporate ESL

The goal of our Corporate ESL programs is to assist customers in improving the English communication skills of their foreign-trained employees. We work closely with our customers to ensure industry specific language and culture is taught.

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Memberships and Alliances


The addition of multi-media technology to our school

ensures that every student will receive current, cutting edge methods of instruction. This technology allows students to talk into the computer and for the computer to help students analyze where their language problems lie. Multi-media technology greatly increases the rate at which students improve their listening, sound discrimination, and pronunciation skills.


Maple Leaf Academy's small class sizes

enable our staff to interact with students in a quick and effective manner. Our small class sizes provide students and staff alike with the ideal atmosphere to create an interactive and cooperative learning environment.