Program Information


Unlock New Employment Opportunities



Open the door to your new career

Making Anything Possible through Perseverance and Drive



MAPPeD is a program designed to open doors for Francophone young adults and provide a strong foundation for successful employment. Through our highly qualified instructors, you will learn valuable life skills and important job search techniques that will unlock your great potential and help you succeed in your career!


  Develop strong skills in reading, writing, grammar, listening, speaking, pronunciation

  Get employment assets including interview skills and resume writing

  Learn important life skills including time management and budgeting

  Get valuable connections to career exploration

  Discover post-secondary opportunities



Do I Qualify?

MAPPED is designed for the following individuals:


   I am a newcomer to Canada

   I am between 18-34 years of age

   I have a minimum of CLB5

   I am not currently attending High School

   I am a Permanent Resident OR Convention Refugee OR Naturalized Canadian Citizen



Program Schedule

MAPPeD begins August 30 for 16 weeks. Classes are in person from 9am-3pm Monday through Thursday, and 9am-Ipm on Fridays. There is also an online option with the same schedule.